My seasonal job is over and it’s back to being unemployed for the time being. I’m pursuing a couple of options and hopefully one will pan out. In the meantime, I’m embracing the chance to unfuck my habitat a bit. A hectic schedule, long commute, outdoor work, and a two month houseguest left my habitat completely fucked. Yesterday I took pictures and did about 5 20/10s to get some of the apartment under control. Today I’m going to use the after pictures as my before and chip away at it a little more. Progress in the pictures looks incremental, but they don’t show some of the details. I scrubbed the dish rack and sorted at least one of my invisible piles, both of which were small things that made me feel much better about the state of my habitat.

Making a list for myself, because I feel like I haven’t done very much today.


  • Applied for one job
  • Edited and posted resume
  • Tried to do online training for temp agency, got stymied…again.
  • Packed one box for the move
  • Made bed
  • Swept floor
  • Took out recycling
  • Put mail in appropriate places (bin of important papers, recycling, etc.) instead of on the coffee table

Left to do:

  • Make dinner
  • Clean up kitchen
  • Work on Coursera classes
  • Crochet one octagon for afghan
  • Schedule reminders for tomorrow

Over the past three days, I kicked our apartment search into high gear, fixed the funny sound emanating from my car, and tried to navigate the murky waters of a (hopefully salvageable) damaged friendship. It doesn’t sound like much, but it has taken a lot out of me. On top of that, I am stressing out about money, moving, finding a job, and being too selfish in my relationships. I had some plans for today, but I think I will abandon those in favor of unfucking my habitat and my job search with Welcome To Night Vale playing in the background.

I’m glad that I have 20/10s to keep me on track on days when I feel like everything is going to be horrible forever.

Special challenge: Job search edition   


Hello to all the unemployed, funemployed, underemployed, or people who just plain hate your job! This challenge has three parts. Pick the one that’s applicable to you, or do all three if you need to.

How’s your resume? I bet it could use a little work. Take half an hour and really polish that…

Brush up your cover letters!

Adventures in Homebrewing

I like beer. I like that my fiance enjoys homebrewing because it means we get tasty, interesting beer for a fraction of the cost and it’s something fun we can do together. I don’t like it when fermenting beer erupts out of the carboy and all over the carpeted bedroom closet at midnight. I have zero experience cleaning beer saturated carpet and only minimal experience cleaning beer saturated clothing. I blotted the carpet with warm water, dish soap, and vinegar last night and I’ll pretreat the clothing before I do laundry today, but any other tips would be appreciated. What say you, UFYH and homebrewers of tumblr?

Back online

I’m typing this from my fancy new Nook HD (thank you, credit card rewards), which I’m using to feed my tumblr addiction in the absence of my laptop. I’m excited because I don’t have a smartphone and now I can finally download the ufyh app, which I’ve been coveting since it was released. It’s taken a little getting used to, but I really enjoy using a tablet and I find myself getting less distracted than I did using a computer. I’ll still use my fiance’s laptop for big projects and job applications, but this lets me read and browse and organize/entertain myself without hogging his computer all of the time.

I finally remembered to pick up some batteries for my camera (or rather, my fiance did), so I’m going to celebrate with some before and afters.

Kitchen before.

Kitchen after.

I haven’t really been on top of my UFYH game for the past couple of days because I found Scandal on Netflix, then the weekend happened, and then I spent all of Monday finishing Scandal, and I’ve been feeling pretty blah about my job search and life in general. Today I sucked it up, took a shower, put on real clothes, and did some unfucking. Taking some before and after shots definitely helped with the process and I hope to have some more to post tomorrow.

I accomplished nothing today besides making my bed and washing (most) of my dishes. No job applications, no laundry, nothing on my list of things to do. It was a pretty crappy day, start to finish, and I topped it off by doing something really, really stupid on my way home from my friend’s house earlier tonight. (Clarification: no one was injured or killed, no property was damaged, and everything was quickly resolved with no harm done.) Like, something so stupid that I don’t want to talk about it to anyone ever, although I might eventually write about it here just for the sake of processing everything. Something that could have ended much, much worse than it actually did. I will probably berate myself about it for weeks. Or months. Or the rest of my life. My brain never gets tired of rehashing all of the times I’ve fucked things up.

My fiancee was supposed to have the day off tomorrow, but he was asked to work so he’ll be going in. I could really use the distraction of having another person around for the day, but instead I’ll use the time to make up for slacking off today. Here’s to a better tomorrow!

My vacuum cleaner just arrived! Excuse me while I go vacuum all the things.